Frequently Asked Questions

Question- Why start a school in Albania?
Answer: We started a school in Albania because we could not find a school in Albania that focused on early childhood development that included, physical, mental, social and emotional growth.  We also found most schools didn’t really have any ethos or understand how to partner with parents in caring for their children. Coming from a co-op environment in the United States we knew the early years were precious and indispensable but it is most effective when the school can partner with families and that has been the primary focus ever since we started our school.

Question- What makes your school different from all the other preschools in Albania?
Answer: The biggest difference between TES and all other preschool in Albania is our ethos and our desire to partner with parents.  To our knowledge we are the only owner/ teacher school in Albania.  This allows us to create a unique culture and ethos that reflects our mission- which is to inspire learning in all children.

Question- What would my child learn at TES?
Answer: This is a fun question often asked by zealous parents.  The simple answer is your child will do more, see more and feel more at TES than any other program in Albania, but all this is for nothing if your child does not have an appetite to learn and be challenged. This is the area that we love to engage your child in.  Helping him or her develop a taste bud for learning, for sharing and exploring.

Question-How does TES curriculum compare to Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf?
Answer- We choose project based curriculum because this allows us the most flexible approach to early childhood development.  Project based curriculum is grouped based which is reflective of our ethos.  Project based curriculum will also allow children to participate and contribute regardless of their level of development.  This means the child that builds the castle is just as important as the one who design the castle and the child who lay one stone in the castle can take rightful claim and share in the joy as all the other children who contributed in building the castle.  This approach to education inspires, encourages all to get involve and this is key to any learning; taking ownership of the subject.

We are huge advocates of all approaches to early childhood development and as a school we are constantly learning and building upon the shoulders of past educators such as Heinrich Pestalozzi, Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori and Loris Malaguzzi.

Question- How does your tuition cost compare to other preschools?
Answer: Our tuition is low compared to other international preschools but higher compared to local private preschools. We do however have the lowest teacher to student ratio (Currently 1 teacher to 6 students), and we invest more time and resources per child than any other program in Albania.  This includes a huge amount of educational resources from the States and over 500 children’s books.

Question- Who are the families that are coming to your school?
Answer: Many parents ask us this question out of concern for their children’s

Question- Where can my child go after they finish at TES?
Answer: Because the goal of our program is to develop a love of learning, practically this means a love for school, your child can go to any school that fits the particular situation and needs of your family.  This means local Albanian schools, local international schools or any school that has a kindergarten program.  The key is to stay actively involved in nurturing your child’s curiosity regardless of where he or she goes for kindergarten.

While we appreciate all the approach and philosophy to early childhood education we feel for children between the age of 2 to 6 the single most important factor to their growth and development is parenting